Hannon does what we should all do as we mature from the enthusiastic amateur to someone for whom martial arts have become a way of life. He lets go of the sacred cows, exotic terminology, and blind faith mythos to ask himself with brutal honesty what values it is he is pursuing, teaching, and propagating in this world. This book is a worthy read for any martial artist, but in particular should be required reading for those studying any art that ends with “-DO”.

– Thomas Groendal Sensei, Jodo Black Belt 
Hoshu Dojo, Oregon, USA

Inner Bushido poses important comparisons about how Bushido's virtues came to be and how they are (and how they can be) interpreted in modern society. This book represents another evolution for the concept of yin and yang; hard and soft, old and new.

 – Ryan Goettsche Sensei, Aikido Black Belt 
Aikido Koshin Shuri, Colorado, USA 

Hannon decisively strips away much of the dogma permeating 
martial arts today…  Inner Bushido is a must read for all martial art practitioners interested in truly understanding 
and appreciating modern day Bushido!   

 – Tip Harris Sensei, Aikido Black Belt 
Pikes Peak Aikido, Colorado, USA 

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by Sean Hannon
The two-time EVVY award-winning book is 
now available in both Paperback and eBook!
Inner Bushido concisely and assertively challenges many long-held assumptions surrounding Samurai ethics, while offering a practical re-interpretation of the so-called seven virtues of Bushido. Hannon takes a starkly unorthodox approach to exploring this esteemed system of values and offers a refreshing, non-dogmatic, and intellectually-honest analysis of the Samurai code of conduct, making it applicable to a Western audiences’ daily life.  
Readers will surely be surprised at some of Hannon's contentions that often fly in the face of presumed “virtue.” Not just for martial arts practitioners, this book is for anyone interested in exploring human relations, ethics, and cultivating true strength without conflict.
Inner Bushido is an excellent read and a must have addition to any warrior's library. Hannon dissects the old world concept of Bushido, then redistributes it with a strong dose of modern day realism. Not only is Inner Bushido an interesting read, but it makes you think... 
and that's always a good thing!

 – Officer JD Paul Sensei  
Steamboat Springs Martial Arts, Colorado, USA 

Hannon’s work, Inner Bushido - Strength Without Conflict, offers a thought-provoking perspective and examination of the Samurai code of ethics and morals and how they relate to the present day martial artist. It is a philosophical journey that helps one to both understand Bushido from a historical perspective and to apply the qualities that one values as a martial artist to everyday life. Anyone who practices martial arts, both inside and outside the dojo, would benefit from gaining a better understanding of Bushido through Hannon’s analysis.

 Skip Chapman, Aikido Black Belt
Jersey Shore Aikikai, New Jersey, USA
(Hannon's book is) …a thoughtful revisioning of such essential qualities as politeness or manners, honor, and loyalty.  When practice is based on developing these and other virtues discussed in this book, it can transcend ordinary notions of competition, aggression, and pride.  Then, martial arts practice becomes truly meaningful.  

(The book is) a good antidote for the violence and foolishness that is often associated with training in the skills of warriorship and mastery of traditional “weapons.”  All serious practitioners will be grateful to see the publication of this fine, gentle and accessible book.

 Alex Halpern, Japanese Archery (Kyudo) Instructor
Zenko Kyudojo, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Hannon breaks down the most core precepts of Bushido and puts them on trial… Anyone who actively discusses Bushido or considers it a real part of their life should consider this book a must.

– Matthew Apsokardu Sensei, Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo
Pennsylvania, USA

This is a great book! ... Clear and concise, interesting and dynamic.

– Victor Hung Sensei, Aikido Black Belt
Aikido of Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Two-Time EVVY Award
Sean articulates the virtues of Bushido for the modern day warrior - bringing tradition together with the evolution of the true martial artist.​

– Bruce Heckathorn Sensei, Aikido Black Belt
Aikido for Veterans, Colorado, USA

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