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by Sean Hannon
Sean Hannon began his study of martial arts in the 1980s. He first earned his black belt in Okinawa Karate, began training Japanese Aikido in the 1990s in New Jersey, then continued his Aikido training with schools in Illinois, South Carolina, and Colorado. Sean has had the privilege of training in seminar with many high-ranking instructors from the United States, Japan, and other countries.
After a debilitating spinal injury in the mid-2000s that left him unable to walk for over a full year, Sean re-evaluated his priorities and decided that one of the things that made him most happy in life was practicing the art of Aikido. Since there was no Aikido program in his town of residence, he took it upon himself to create an Aikido school or 'Dojo' in Castle Rock, Colorado while he slowly rehabilitated his injury. Today, the school offers programs in multiple traditional, Japanese martial arts.  
Sean trains Iaido (pronounced 'ee'-'eye'-'doh'), the art of traditional Japanese sword-drawing, under Iwakabe, Monica Sensei and Iwakabe, Hideki Sensei.  In 2013, Sean placed 1st for the Murakami Cup at the annual AUSKF national Iaido competition. 

He also practices Kyudo, "the Way of the Bow" or Japanese archery, under Shibata, Kanjuro Sensei and his senior students in Boulder, Colorado. Shibata Sensei is a twentieth generation master bow maker, and he was a third generation official bow maker to the 

Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Imperial Court until his retirement. 

A long-term appreciation for the Japanese martial arts has since expanded into a broader appreciation for other elements of Japanese culture. Presently, Sean is learning to speak Japanese and has developed a strong appreciation for 17th - 18th century Japanese woodblock prints called 'Ukiyo-e'. Sean is an avid writer on the subjects of Aikido and classic Japanese martial arts philosophy; and how to apply such in contemporary society. His writings and philosophy have been published and cited in regional, national, and European newspapers, magazines, and professional trade journals.